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Topics of Interest include but not limited to:

Building materials and construction systems

Green energy, resource and material for sustainable and resilient development

Building services and systems

Green finance and the supporting system for green entrepreneurship and supporting system

Climate adaptive renewal of existing buildings and communities

Green School and sustainability education in young generation    

Customization of multifaceted climate and environment responsible approaches

Information Communications Technology (ICT) for Smart city, intelligent building 

and smart infrastructure

Design, technology and implementation of green building, community and city

On-site energy generation, natural and mechanical cooling

Embodied energy and operating energy

Passive and active design principles

Energy and Resource Efficiency in Industry

Post green building development

Energy Systems and Cities

Reducing material consumption and optimizing material flows

Energy-efficient and climate-responsive buildings

Renewable Energy Technologies, Applications and Integration

Energy-efficient building design

Responsible architecture and sustainable housing

Environmental sustainability and building design

Retrofitting strategies for adaptive re-use

Green as an approach to address contemporary social issues

Sustainable building envelopes

Green Buildings