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《暖通空调》始终以“ 新颖、实用、准确、精练”为办刊方针,以提高全行业素质、推动全行业技术交流与发展为宗旨,及时报道国家有关建筑节能和环境保护的重大技术政策,建筑环境与设备工程中供暖、通风、空调、制冷及洁净技术方面的研究成果、学术论文、先进技术、工程总结、设计经验、设备开发与运行管理以及行业学术活动与设备市场信息。


暖通空调》是世界著名建筑专业数据库 —— 国际建筑文献数据库 ICONDA 收录期刊,中国科技论文与引文数据库统计分析数据源刊,中国科学引文数据库来源期刊,中国学术期刊综合评价数据库统计源期刊,中国核心期刊(遴选)数据库收录期刊,中国期刊全文数据库收录期刊。






ISSN: 1002-8501

CN: 11-2832/TU

The Leading Magazine for China's HVAC Industry

The Journal of HV&AC is a key resource for designers, specifiers, installers and users of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment and systems in China. It enjoys a huge readership of near 20,000 subscribers and a pass-along rate of 3.9 readers per issue – making it the best-read HVAC magazine in China.

Established in 1971 and published monthly in Beijing on the 15th of each month, the Journal of HV&AC is the only magazine in the sector which is officially under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China. It is jointly sponsored by such a few powerful organizations as Asia-Pacific Institute of Construction Sci-tech Information, China Architecture Design & Research Group and HVAC Committee of the Chinese Architectural Society.

The magazine has won several awards for the quality of its content, including the China National Top Award for Magazine and a title of "Core Magazine in Chinese Construction Field".

The magazine has been included in the following databases:

International Construction Database (ICONDA)

FRIDOC, International Institute of Refrigeration

Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database

Chinese Core Journals (Selection) Database

China Academic Journals Full-text Database

Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations

The goal of the magazine is to provide its professional readers with "novel, practical, accurate and concise" information and literatures to promote the flow of information about new technologies and their applications.

Readers Who Design and Install Systems

A readership breakdown of the Journal shows that more than half of them are involved in the system design and installation. Many of the readers are engineers or technicians who design advanced HVAC systems or install them in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. There is a smaller fraction of the readers involved in the daily operation of these systems and in research and education.

Editorial Focuses

The Journal of HV&AC reports on a range of topics related to this trade, including: 

Development in research

General and specific introduction of national and international standards and regulations

Technical information for designers

Engineering example reports

R&D in products and materials

Operation management

Construction methods

In addition, the Journal of HV&AC has some special columns according to the hot spots of this trade in recent years, i.e. thermological system, Expo building, airport building, culture building, industrial building, railway building, data center air conditioning design, engineering test, urban rail transportation HVAC, temperature and humidity independent control, energy storage technology, public building energy efficiency, heat metering retrofit, HVAC design of hospitals, simulation analysis application, optimal design of stadium and gymnasium, evaporative cooling air conditioning technology, building energy analysis, etc.