Speakers 2024

Keynote Speaker Ⅰ

Prof. Enedir Ghisi

Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Biography Sketch: Prof. Enedir Ghisi obtained his PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Leeds, in the UK, in 2002. He is currently a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, located in Florianópolis, southern Brazil. So far, he has edited 10 books, published 14 book chapters, 183 conference articles and 170 journal articles. He has concluded the supervision of 14 PhD and 40 master's students. Currently, he supervises 12 PhD and 3 master's students. His research topics are thermal performance of buildings, energy efficiency in buildings, lighting, sustainability, building simulation, life cycle assessment, water consumption and rainwater harvesting in buildings. In studies carried out at Stanford University, in 2023 (DOI 10.17632/btchxktzyw.6), 2022 (DOI 10.17632/btchxktzyw.4), 2021 (DOI 10.17632/btchxktzyw.3) and also in 2020 (https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pbio.3000918) Prof. Enedir Ghisi was recognised as one of the 100,000 most influential scientists in the world for the whole career and also for 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019.

Speech Title: The potential for electricity savings by reducing potable water consumption on a city scale

Abstract: The water sector is a major consumer of energy in the world. Energy is required for water withdrawal, for its treatment and distribution to population and for wastewater treatment. Therefore, the conservation of such resources is closely related. The objective of the speech is to discuss and present the potential for electricity savings in municipal water supply and sewage systems, resulting from the reduction of potable water consumption in residential, public and commercial buildings on a city scale. Four strategies were considered to promote potable water savings: replacement of conventional toilets with dual-flush ones, greywater reuse, rainwater harvesting and the simultaneous adoption of these three strategies. For all these scenarios, minimum and maximum water savings were determined for each type of building; the corresponding reduction of sewage production was also estimated. Minimum and maximum potential for electricity savings in water supply and sewage systems were estimated. The financial impact of such actions for the water and sewage utility was also assessed.

Invited Speaker I

Prof. Carol Monticelli

Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

Biography Sketch: MS degree cum laude in Architecture (tutor prof. Anna Mangiarotti, co-tutor prof. Alessandra Zanelli) in July 2002, PhD. in Technologies for Architecture and Environment (tutor prof. Andrea Campioli) in May 2006, both at Politecnico di Milano, Carol Monticelli is currently Senior Researcher in the SSD ICAR/12 Tecnology of Architecture at the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Engineering Construction at Politecnico di Milano (Polimi), She is actually Test Manager of the biaxial rig at Clustex Pavillion – a facility of the Textiles Hub, an interdepartmental laboratory on the textiles and advanced compisites materials coord. by prof. Alessandra Zanelli, Polimi, and manager of the LCA software classroom licence for the PhD course (coord. prof. Andrea Campionli). She carries out activities of research with Textile Architecture Group, the team leaded by prof. Zanelli inside the Dept. of Architecture Built Environment and Construction Engineering, Polimi. She teaches in the school of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering.

Her research progress in last 5 years is characterized, on the one hand, by a constant interest in deepening themes of eco-sustainable design of buildings and environmental impact in construction; and, on the other, by an interest in the processes of technological innovation and material, in order to analyse the application scenarios of new materials in the construction industry.

From 2003 to 2015 82 publications: in 53 as the unique author (or volume editor in some cases), 29 are in co-authoring and in 13 among these lasts as first author. 1 Patent.

Speech Title: TBD

Invited Speaker II

Prof. Alessandra Zanelli

Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

Biography Sketch: Prof. Alessandra Zanelli is a member of SPACE (Experimental process for architecture and life cycle of building products) Research Unit at the same Department. Her main interests deal with role of technological innovation in architecture and in industrial design. In particular, she has focused her attention on: temporary systems (tents, minimal units for emergency; mobile homes, ect.); adaptive systems (smart, extensible, foldable, pivots systems, ect); application of lightweight systems and demountable buildings for dwellings. Alessandra is a professor of building technology in the degree courses in Architecture, Environmental Architecture and Building Construction at the Faculty of Architecture and Society and at the Faculty of Civil Architecture, both of the Politecnico di Milan.

Since 2001 she is Teaching Organiser of Doctorate in Technology and Design Engineering for Building and City Environmental Quality of the BEST Department and since march 2005 she is Member of the Scientific Committee of the same Doctorate. She collaborates with the reviews Arketipo, Costruzioni Metalliche, Costruire in laterizio, Frames, Tenda, Tensinews. She is Associate Member of Management Board of TensiNet Association, the thematic network for upgrading the built environment in Europe through tensile structures and since 2004 she is the Regional Representative for Italian Universities.

She is the coordinator of a Multidisciplinary Research Cluster entitled “Innovative Textiles”, in order to connect different competences of Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nautical and Internal Design, Chemical and Material Sciences and finally Building Technology and Environmental Design already available inside of various Departments at the Politecnico di Milano. The aim of this action is to promote an integrated approach for designing with textile materials and lightweight structures and become visible as complete team of work, able to propose innovative techniques for designing, manufacturing, building up and testing all kind of membrane, textile and flexible foil.

Speech Title: TBD

Invited Speaker III

Dr. Febi Varghese


Biography Sketch: Dr. Febi Varghese is a Post Graduate in Engineering (M.Tech-First Rank) and took his Ph.D from the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi University. Having more than 30 years of professional experience, Dr.Febi has worked as the Director of Coir Board of India and as the Chairman & Managing Director of Travancore Cements Ltd., Managing Director of Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd. ,Kerala State Industrial Enterprises Ltd., Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd., KERAFED , Kerala State Coconut Development Corporation Ltd., etc. and also worked as the Financial Analyst of United Nations . Dr. Febi Varghese has been a regular Speaker to International Conferences held in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. He is a Fellow of both Institution of Engineers (India) and Indian Institute of Technical Arbitrators and recipient of Management Excellence Award. Dr. Febi has umpteen number of published Papers and Books and Patented Product to his credit.

Speech Title: 3D PRINTING BUILDING TECHNOLOGY- The Game Changing Future Technology

Abstract: TBD