Special Sessions

Special Session Ⅰ- Acoustic and Thermal Retrofit of Office Building Stock

Session Chair: Professor Carol Monticelli, Polytechnic University of Milan

Special Session Information: 

This special session delves into improving and guaranteeing acoustic and thermal performance of buildings that undergo renovation processes while minimizing embodied carbon production.

Below is an incomplete list of potential topics to be covered in the Special Session:

•Development of bio-metamaterial with optimized thermal and acoustic properties

Acoustic and thermal properties of recycled materials and neomaterials

Development of lightweight concrete using recycled bio-based aggregates

Exploration of the use of biomaterials for heat storage and thermal comfort applications in buildings

Sound insulation of building envelope components based on acoustic metamaterials

Development of new method for remote acoustic measurements of large building envelope structures

Towards net-zero carbon facades – the impact of bio based materials for the system design of high performing envelopes

Qualitative assessment of sound insulation of building envelopes and development of an adapted noise annoyance construct applicable for building acoustics issues

Interaction and parameterization of thermal, energy and comfort variables in façade walls based on applicable International and European regulations

Actual needs of façade construction design related to the Life Cycle Assessment, durability and social acceptability

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Special SessionⅠ is supported by HORIZON Project – MSCA – 2021 – DN, No. 101072598 Acta Re Build.

Special Session Ⅱ- High performance air conditioning system in Green Buildings

Session Chair: Associate Professor Zhengwei Li, TongJi University

Special Session Information: 

This session discusses state-of-the-art in automatic control and maintenance technology for air conditioning system in various types of built environment.

Below is an incomplete list of potential topics to be covered in the Special Session:

Automatic Control

Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Special Session Keywords:

Air conditioning system, Optimal control, Green buildings, Fault detection and diagnostics

Special Session Ⅲ - Dual Carbon Building Design Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Session Chair: Associate Professor Rudai Shan, Northeastern University

Special Session Information: 

The current goals for building design and renovation are primarily focused on improving building quality and reducing energy consumption. In the future, building design should gradually prioritize the goals of reducing carbon emissions, lowering costs, and improving comfort. Optimization should be made based on specific design objectives, and design strategies with high comprehensive benefits should be selected. It is imperative to investigate the building energy consumption patterns in different climates and their potential for energy efficiency optimization. It is necessary to evaluate the feasibility of 'dual-carbon' retrofitting for different building types, obtain optimal solutions for cost, comfort, energy consumption, and carbon emissions, and establish optimal design strategies for 'dual-carbon' retrofitting of different building types in various regions. This will provide an optimal design strategy for 'dual-carbon' retrofitting of different building types. Scientific, reasonable, and feasible technical guidelines for the design and renovation of 'dual-carbon' buildings will be established, with optimized design strategies in different climates.

Below is an incomplete list of potential topics to be covered in the Special Session:

Low Carbon Building Design

Low Carbon Building Retrofits

Application of Optimization Algorithms in Architectural and Urban Design

Special Session Keywords:

Artificial intelligence; Green building; Carbon neutral; Optimization algorithm; Building retrofit

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission Deadline: April 9, 2024

Manuscript Submission Deadline: April 30, 2024

Special Session  - Digital Design and Fabrication, Architecture Renovation

Session Chair: Associate Professor Zhongzhong Zeng, Beijing Jiaotong University

Special Session Information: 

The field of architecture renovation is ushering in a double revolution of green technology and digital technology. Green architecture technology focuses on environmental protection and energy saving, and reduces building energy consumption and improves ecological efficiency through the use of renewable energy and material recycling. Digital technology, with its efficient and intelligent characteristics, plays an important role in all aspects of building planning, construction, operation and maintenance, and realizes accurate design and intelligent management.  Not only promotes the sustainable development of the construction industry, but also opens a new chapter in the future of architecture.

Experts and scholars are invited to contribute to discuss the green technology and digital technology of architecture renewal. Content requirements: In-depth analysis of the innovative practice of green technology in building energy conservation and environmental protection material application, and at the same time, discuss how digital technology can help the intelligent development of building planning, design and management. The manuscript should be cutting-edge, practical, and theoretically combined with cases to provide a useful reference for the sustainable development of the construction industry.

Below is an incomplete list of potential topics to be covered in the Special Session:

Digital Fabrication

Architecture Renovation

Special Session Keywords:

Digital fabrication; Architecture renovation; Low-carbon; Community; Historic preservation